Tripla is rising

Tripla is rising

Tripla will breathe new life into Pasila

When Tripla rises at the beginning of the next decade, Central Pasila will become the new centre of Helsinki. Tripla will be a three-block complex that includes a shopping centre, a parking garage, public transportation hub, housing, hotels and offices.


Central Pasila will be one of the biggest and most important development projects in Helsinki over the coming years. Tripla, the heart of the new Pasila, will link both East and West Pasila and the planned high-rises on its south side to the new residential area on its north side.

Tripla is a massive construction project that will encompass three city blocks. The total area will be an impressive 183,000 floor square meters. Tripla will be constructed in stages during 2019–2020.

Pasila before

Pasila in the future

best possible location

When Tripla rises, so too will the new Pasila. It will become one of the most unique urban centres Finland has ever seen. New transportation projects, such as the new Ring Rail Line to the airport, the western extra rail track, the option to link to the metro line, the planned City Rail Loop and the revamped Veturitie as Pasila’s main street will all help to make Tripla irresistible. Together, Tripla and neighbouring Hartwall Arena and Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre will be the focal point of major events in Helsinki.

Upon its completion, Tripla will offer around nearly 400 new apartments and 7,000 jobs. But there’s more building going on in Central Pasila, too. The Rail Yard Quarters, which is an area built to the north of Tripla, will create 3,000 homes and 1,000 new jobs. To the south, 8-10 skyscrapers will include new residences and office space. In the year 2040, Central Pasila will be home to 5,000 new residents and 13,000 new jobs.

Built on nature’s terms

Tripla is quite literally built on the foundations of energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. In addition to new solutions, the existing infrastructure will be utilised as much as possible.

Energy efficiency will help conserve the environment and generate significant cost savings.

  • Tripla  is being build to meet the criteria of the highest platinum level of LEED environmental certification.
  • Green roofs will cover one third of the total roof area, creating a park-like feel.
  • Tripla will feature 3,400 parking spots for bicycles and nearly 350 charging stations for electric cars.
  • Water consumption will be 20% lower than the current good level.
  • Waste will be collected via a centralised vacuum waste collection system.
  • Tripla will use district heating and cooling.

Timeless and urban architecture

Tripla will be a timeless urban environment that continues the expansion of the Helsinki city centre towards Pasila. At the same time, it is creating a new and diverse backdrop for life in the city, with its parks, plazas and pedestrian and bicycle ways.

Tripla is a continuation of the cultural area that spans from downtown Helsinki to the Töölönlahti bay.


It will extend into the Central Park area, merging seamlessly with the green heart of Helsinki and its recreational outdoor areas.

The Dutch Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.) designed the concept for the design contest. The Finnish architects and principal designers were Soini & Horto Ltd. and Brunow & Maunula Ltd.

  • year 2014

    Construction of the new Pasila bridge began.

    The work was completed in 2015.

  • YEAR 2015

    Construction began below the station level.

    The work will be completed in 2017.

  • YEAR 2016

    Construction of the parking complex began.

    The work will be completed in 2019.

  • YEAR 2017

    Construction of Mall of Tripla began.

    The grand opening will be in 2019.

  • YEAR 2017

    Construction of the Pasila station begins.

    The work will be completed in 2019.

  • YEAR 2018

    Construction of the business park and hotel begins.

    The work will be completed in 2020.

  • YEAR 2018

    Construction of the residential area begins.

    The work will be completed between 2019 and 2020.

Live well, live green and live in the middle of it all

Tripla will boast almost 400 apartments, including rentals and privately-owned homes for singles, couples and families. The lovely yard and green roofs will serve as parks for residents.

All of the apartments at Tripla have been designed to be both functional and comfortable. For example, a great deal of attention was been paid to lighting during the design process.

Because they are located right at Tripla, these apartments are literally steps from an amazing array of services. Construction of the first apartments is set to begin in 2018 and pre-marketing will kick off at the end of 2017.

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