The new heart of Helsinki

Tripla – always open and full of life

Three urban blocks in Pasila that flow with the pulse of the city. Tripla is where culture, retail stores, business and transportation come together in one amazing place. It inspires and attracts. It brings people together from near and far. The lucky ones will get to live here and many more will visit. It’s easy to get here and hard to leave.

Mall of Tripla

whatever you expect,
we triple it

Take your place with the best brands in Finland

Look who already have decided to triple their future potential.

Offices and hotel

the best place to do business


Home in Tripla

an urban home for urban people

one foot at home, one on the go. both at tripla.

Transport hub

unbeatable connections

get to tripla with over 2,000 buses, trams and trains a day

Tripla is rising

over a million people live within 30 minutes of tripla

see how three new city blocks are rising in pasila