Opening in autumn 2019, Mall of Tripla will be Finland’s largest shopping centre measured by the number of stores. With 250 stores, a public transportation hub, and a total floor area of 115,000 square metres, the mall is the first part of the Tripla project to open its doors to the public.

Tripla is a three-block urban centre with 50,000 square metres of office space, a 430-room hotel, and over 400 apartments for a thousand residents, in addition to the shopping centre. With a total cost of approximately EUR 1 billion, of which EUR 130 million comes from the European Investment Bank, it is the most significant construction project in Finland.


Over 60 percent of Mall of Tripla’s retail premises have already been leased out, including 12,000 square metres for grocery stores, generating a steady flow of customers from morning to evening, seven days a week.

Join the Mall of Tripla family and discover the perfect spot for your business in Finland.


Mall of Tripla shapes trends, culture and the city itself. In fashion, it mixes Finnish up-and-comers and top international brands. When it comes to food, new tastes are always around the corner. Mall of Tripla features 12,000 square metres of grocery stores and over 12,000 square metres of restaurants and cafés, from street food to fine dining. It caters to all tastes with an eclectic mix of local flavours and well-known restaurant brands.

Mall of Tripla will become an urban centre offering not only extensive shopping and restaurant services but also vibrant cultural and sports activities, like the Finnish Music Hall of Fame and an indoor summer concept, Surf Beach Helsinki. The city’s creative best acts get their spotlight on the Urban stage.


Mall of Tripla enjoys the best location in Finland in Helsinki’s Pasila region, the main public transportation hub in Finland. The city’s traffic flows come together at the modern and functional public transport hub on the fourth floor of the mall.

Currently, the Pasila transportation hub has some 40 million annual users. When complete, the new Pasila hub will be the busiest in Finland, with some 200,000 travellers every day. It takes only 4 minutes to the Helsinki Railway Station and 22 minutes to Helsinki Airport by train from Pasila. Over 25 percent of Finns live within a 30-minute drive.


Not only is Finland known for its world-class education system and clean environment, but it also continues to rank high on the lists of the safest, the least corrupted, and the happiest countries in the world. The Finnish capital Helsinki was recently ranked the 9th most livable city in the world.

Helsinki is Finland’s fastest-growing metropolitan area, and it will have 1.5 million residents in 2025. Currently, Helsinki has a purchasing power of 42,100 € per resident, the best in the whole of Finland. The annual retail sales per capita are 10,700 € in Helsinki.


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